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August 11, 2005


Vic Pollard


This is not a comment about this post, but I couldn't figure out how else to contact you, short of snail mail.

I am looking for some background information on an apparently small, obscure cable provider called Strategic Technolgies, Inc. It is owned by Lennar Communities, a huge nationwide development firm headquartered in Florida. In many of its developments, Lennar imposes an exclusive contract for STI to be the sole provider of cable service. That's the situation in the development I just moved into. However, STI's signal is extremely poor. As much as I dislike Comcast, which is the dominant local provider, I'd give my eyeteeth for Comcast service. I'm trying to keep up pressure on STI to improve their product, and I wonder if there is a history of problems with STI elsewhere that might prove instructive.?

Can anyone help or advise me?


Vic Pollard.

Robert Johnson

I do not know any particulars about the company or your exact situation, but I understand how poor service can be quite the disappointment. If there were more competition in the market, your provider would be forced to start paying attention and improve service.

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