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September 07, 2005



So, what's the deal? Are you giving away an Apple Video Ipod or not?

Robert Johnson

As it states in the official rules, if an Apple Video iPod is made available before the end of the year, we will present one to the first-place winner of the contest.


now if the rules stated before the end of 2006, i'd jump in. good luck with this :)

Robert Johnson

Ok, so if no Video iPod is released in 2005, what if the contest winner was given the option to receive one if it is released in 2006 or accept the alternate prize?

Steve blogs

Yeah. I love your contest. I think you could make the true broadband a thing of the present, not just something to dream about. And you can also make Apple release their alien technology video iPod of the future.

Nothing like voting with your feet. People Power!

I'm sure you know, seeing as you read engadget etc. that the "video iPod" exists, but Apple just hasn't made it... Other Companies Have Though and you could probably use another product.. you could even scratch an apple into the back.

What is the future of the Internet to you? A place for us all to swap videos on blogs?
Public access cable TV? Another thing to watch intently for information? What?

Email me.. I'd love to know what you want how you want to mould the future!


I believe the Apple Video iPod will ship by next Spring. But I'm not sure it will ship in time for Christmas. The iPod nano is quite an engineering feat. And Apple may be taking their time to get the Video iPod right after Christmas rather than before it. I believe in the million channel universe. The Sony Playstation Portable is a Video iPod. Just not THE Video iPod from Apple.

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