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October 31, 2005



True broadband? Is this your euphamism for "broadband from anyone but cable"? I have suffered from DSL speeds via Sprint. There is no comparison to the speeds I now receive from my cable provider. DSL is a smoke-and-mirrors scam, in my opinion. Hook you in with low price but now you are trapped with low speed. Never again. Streaming video works great now with my "true broadband" - cable.

Robert Johnson

We agree that current DSL speeds are too slow. The future of "true broadband" – capacities of 5Mbs and above that can deliver full-motion interactive video - will come through innovation and competition. Fiber optic-based competitors will be able to provide up to 30Mbs speeds initially and potentially greater speeds in the future. I believe that this type of offering will drive the cable companies to increase they’re Internet connection speeds and you – the consumer – will benefit.


Fiber technology exists today, in both cable and telco. Why is Verizon's FIOS debuting with sub-30 Mbps speeds? Comcast and Cox have faster than 5 Mbps speeds in the majority of their markets. Qwest refuses to build to an Albequerque suburb so the cable operator is building FTTH. Nothing here says "competition", just good old American free enterprise. If FIOS is such a wonderful thing then why are they not delivering a 30 Mbps product? And who is to say a 30 Mbps product to residential homes won't be priced at $100+ per month? Not that your PC can BUS 30 Mbps, anyway.

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