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November 08, 2005



"New broadband era" and "true competition to cable"? You mean from the phone company? You probably don't mean SBC, then.

SBC has committed to delivering a suite of IP services, including best-effort broadband, IPTV and voice over IP, via next-generation DSL lines at an aggregate minimum rate of 25mbps to each household. Under this scenario, about 5 to 6mbps is slated to be available for best-effort Internet access, which “is what the cable companies are offering,” says Jeff Weber, vice president for product and strategy at SBC.

So SBC is increasing their overall bandwidth capabilities so that can deliver what the cable companies already do? Are these your vanguards of the "coming broadband age"? By the time the phone companies get their advanced services ready and deployed (probably just in the markets of the affluent) the cable companies will be blowing past the standards of today and setting the new standards of tomorrow. And making it available to all areas where they hold local franchises.

Bob Johnson

Marc, what you describe will come as a result of competition. Cable is upgrading their networks because they realize new entrants are going to compete for their customers. The statistics you cite are merely the speeds that these new networks will be delivering at. Competition will drive these new entrants to improve their speed and offerings.

What does this add up to? A win for consumers.


What I am describing is what is happening in the real world today. FIOS is available today to 0.05% of all phone HH's? That is a threat that is causing a large portion of cable providers to pipe in speeds well above what the current competition (DSL) offers? You state that "competition" will cause these "new entrants" to improve their service. Shouldn't the new entrants force change among the exisiting providers? And your use of "new" is rather interesting - this will be the same old local phone company that everyone hates today.

And besdies, consumers are winning today! You seem to think that high-speed Internet access from cable at speeds that trump the competition is a loss for consumers. What IS a loss for consumers is being duped by the phone companies into thinking that paying $20/mo. for 384K service is high-speed. Will the "new competition" phone companies - the same phone companies of today - continue to dupe the public with sub-standard service at usery prices? It is hard to teach that old phone dog new tricks.

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