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February 07, 2006



It is sad to see we live in a world where people can invest as much time as you people do in this nonsense about forcing a 5th company to be able to sell you handicapped people MTV instead of maybe creating a job for someone who needs it. I just heard one of your ads and looked up this site. It is shocking to see it and think that there could be even one person who would believe what you are advocating here. I dont care whether my news sports and entertainment comes through a satellite feed, the phone company, a coax or a peice of dental floss. All the crap that is on cable in also available to me in at least a half a dozen different ways. What in gods name are you people talking about. Spnd this money making something, start a business yourself or something, help some poor or handicapped people. DOnt waste peoples momey and my legislators time trying to force a way to get South Park from a 4th or 5th or 100th source. My god!

Bob Johnson

Chris -
Thanks for coming to the website and for your comment. Our efforts to improve consumers choices, service quality and pricing options directly results in making things as you point out. New networks that are being built are creating good jobs in the communities where those networks are going in. Those job opportunities could spread across the country if legislators unleash companies from onerous franchise requirements.

Keeping money in consumers’ pockets also is a good thing. Where new cable providers have come into the market, cable companies have slashed their prices and increased service offerings like higher speed Internet connections without raising prices.

Consumers for Cable Choice is about more than creating more tv channels to watch. Its also lower prices, better quality and more choices – all to the benefit of consumers.

John Galt


Over the past decade cable rates have increased, no kiddn. My house Was worth 52thousand ten years ago and now its market value is 180K! But my house hasnt increased in coolness, given my alternative to the huge local phone company, opened up all new markets in highspeed broadband which include video? and telephony? Has anyone noticed that you can access video entertainment and broadband though other forms of communication? Whats wrong-- cable kicks to much butt for ya to give it up? Face it "future communists", you want the government to tell the cable companies what to charge you for your communication.

Would you also tell the government to regulate the price of bottled water. Think about the terrible profits being made their!! Grow up and get off the back of Capitalists that brought you all that which you cannot do without.

The reason you are mad is because Cable and its abilities are TOO COOL!! The cable industry has done to good a job making the value of thier services so good you think you cannot live whithout them.


Thank you for listening future commrads.


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