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February 13, 2006


rick reichert

cable should be provided by the federal govt... rabbit ear t v is free.... $ 30 per month is a fair price for 70 channel t v ...


There IS NO "federal government" paying for anything, WE do. The federal government simply sticks a gun to your back and wastes your hard earned money. Low prices and FORCED anything do not go hand in hand. With rabbit ear TV, advertisers pay for your television broadcast. Cable could be the same way if people were not so stupid. In the beginning, people paid for cable mostly because it offered commercial free television. People went to movies and payed high prices and expected no commercials. Now even movies have commercials in them. Advertisers should foot the bill just like mass mail marketers should foot the bill for our land fill. They should all PAY to get into our homes and sell us stuff.

Notice how the "cable choice" people aren't complaining about the fact that a fifth of your cable or phone bill is in government taxes and fees? This is like complaining about the gas prices being too high and then not complaining about the amount of taxes we pay on each gallon of gas. Then we threaten the oil companies with a winfall tax and more regulation. Spare us the socialist activism and fight for real competition and fewer laws.

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