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March 07, 2006



The Washington Post also did an article about Montgomery County, MD in 2004.

Comcast's Perks to Montgomery Leaders Criticized

By Tim Craig
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, October 11, 2004; Page B01


The company, with 210,000 subscribers in Montgomery and nearly 1 million in the Washington region, has taken an aggressive and, critics say, sometimes heavy-handed, approach to protecting its interests in Montgomery. Comcast's generosity toward elected officials -- including campaign contributions and free television time -- has resulted, critics say, in lenient regulatory treatment by the county, despite persistent complaints of rude employees, missed service appointments and lengthy waits for representatives to answer the phones.

"I think Comcast has been given kid-glove treatment," council member Phil Andrews (D-Gaithersburg) said.
Other officials are growing uncomfortable with some company perks, such as tickets to University of Maryland basketball games at the Comcast Center. "It doesn't pass the smell test," council member Tom Perez (D-Silver Spring) said of the free seats offered to the council. "I think it creates a real perception problem." ...

Robert Kam

Let's turn the magnifying glass onto Consumers for Cable Choice. How much money is given to THIS organization from Telcos Verizon and AT&T. This website has never once defended the rights of local citizens to public access, educational and government channels and neither do they promise these stations will be available on the new video systems. Maybe cable has done some dirty deeds but so has the telephone companies. The sad thing is nothing is done UNLESS it is in the interest of a large corporation these days. It is time congress did something in the interest of the people.

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