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May 10, 2006


Dave Anderson

there is only one cable company here. so i have to go with them and their bad high high speed internet

Elliott Mitchell

Here's my question: We learn of the big phone companies' willingness to sell raw calling data to the NSA .

We know that the big phone companies'-sponsored legislation to completely overturn the cable tv and internet business models is on the fast track in congress .

Is there a connection?

Jeremy Schwach

I live in Madison, WI and my only choice for cable TV and internet is provided by Charter communications. Because of my living situation, I do not have access to satellite TV and find myself with no other options. I have spent hours on the phone with perhaps the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and my issues are hardly ever resolved. For a free-market economy to truly function, it is important to reign in monopolies and oligopolies to protect the everyday consumer. Please think of the voters and taxpayers when passing legislation.

Thank you.

Florence Weaver

We need to be able to choose what channels we want instead of the basic including many channels that we do not care to watch. Please vote to pass franchise reform Rx Cable TV.

Christophe Grard

We only have Adelphia to chose from and with the rates the way they are, I have decided to abstain from paying for cable TV.
The way cable service is handled, it's just like communism: You have one choice and one only imposed by I don't even know who.
Comcast is a few miles down the road and
I can't chose. I wouldn't want to have just one brand of car to chose from either, or have one single choice for the telephone service. Why don't we have a choice for cable services?

Mark Mack

We need new alternatives! I have comcast internet AND cable, they both suck. First the prices! $105 per month for standard cable and the lowest speed cable internet. That is just gouging. Secondly the service, my modem goes out one night per month and my cable tv snows out one to two days a month! I am a college student, I cannot afford this much longer if the prices go up again!


I have Mediacom for my cable service. There a days when it goes out and we still have to pay for it. They keep increasing the monthly bill and adding more crappy channels that no one would watch anyway. I would like to be able to pick the channels I like and pay for them. At least 75% of the channels I have are worthless. I have considered dish network or direct tv, but I don't want to be locked into a contract.


We have switched to satellite because it is cheaper. Would like to have some competition with cable companies to keep cable prices real.

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